In this video, Bernardo Santos, expert in body transformations and author of the 5 best selling fitness programs in Portugal, shares with you 3 crucial adjustments that you can start using today, to lose weight and fat consistently:



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This 12 week workout program is your key to start training in the most efficient and healthy way so you can finally lose weight and burn fat without spending 3 hours in the gym every day.

  • Sets, Reps, Rest, Exercises and Weights: I will give you everything you need to know to train completely without a doubt. You'll know what exercises to do, how many sets to do, how many repetitions, how much rest time and how much weight to burn fat and lose your belly as quickly as possible.
  • Understanding the Macrocycle: I will explain you the structure of the 12 weeks of training, how you should progress from week to week, why the training was designed this way and much more. When you understand this you will know more than 90% of Personal Trainers.
  • Videos of each exercise: All the exercises in the program have a video for you to follow, this way you will always know how to preform them perfectly. We also have an Exercise Library with the best exercises for each muscle, separated by muscles.
  • Home Workouts: Even if you don't work out in a gym, or if you have to go on vacation, with this section of home workouts (with materials that anyone has in their home), with workouts and techniques that I bet you anything you've never seen, you'll burn more fat than ever and be without it forever, even training at home or in the park.


(VALUE: 30€)

This nutrition plan is your secret to start eating the best way to burn fat without ever giving up your favorite foods in order to lose weight and gain confidence and pride in your body.

  • Cut and Maintenance Phases with Calories and Macros: You will do 2 different phases with calories, hydrates, fat and protein for each one of them to not only lose weight easily, but to make sure that you never gain that weight back. And I'll teach you how to count calories and macronutrients with ease. It's easier than you think!
  • Understanding the Macrocycle: Within the program I will explain to you why each phase and each recommendation to understand what you are doing and end up with as much or more knowledge as a nutritionist.
  • Customizable and Adjustable: It is not an equal nutrition plan for everyone. Each part of the program can be customed to your body. It is also not the same during the 90 days. Because you will constantly adjust based on how fast you are burning fat.


(VALUE: 15€)

This private facebook group is essential for you to always stay motivated and to remove all your doubts so that the progress of weight loss is constant and never stagnate.

  • Community: This group is composed only of women with similar goals to yours and are constantly motivating each other to go further.
  • Support: Every day I am in the group answering all the questions in detail, and I'll also answer all the ones you have.
  • Share: There you can also share your progress and have a team that will keep you motivated in your goal to lose all belly and love the whole process.





This training and nutrition program is your bible on how to tone up your belly so everyone will be jealous of your toned and sexy belly when you take off your shirt on the beach or at the pool, or with your partner.

  • Nutrition with Calories and Macros: I will teach you how to create your own nutrition plan based on advanced nutrition strategies to keep your belly flat, sexy and athletic.
  • Training with Sets, Reps, Rest, Exercises and Videos: Just like in the Zero Fat Program, you will have everything explained to have 0 doubts and do everything perfectly to define your abs as fast as humanly possible.
  • Learn everything about defining abs: With all the information I'm going to give you about training and nutrition, you'll be pro in abdominal toning. It'll be as simple as water and you'll have total control over how your body looks.




Two complete guides to help you succeed in this journey of becoming the healthiest and sexiest version of yourself.

  • Body Definition Recipe Guide: Super tasty meals for weight loss that you can do in 20-30 minutes less.
  • Macros and Calories for each meal: Every meal has the calories and protein, hydrates and fat of each dose so you can adapt it to your own nutrition program.
  • Supplement Guide for a toned body: Guide specifically designed to prevent you from wasting money on useless supplements. It's the icying on the cake of your results.




This 12-week intensive training plan uses scientific methods of progressive volume and intensity overload to rest assured that you are toning your buttocks as quickly as humanly possible.

  • High volume 4 week Mesocycle : The first 4 weeks are intense.
  • Very high volume 4-week Mesocycle: The second 4 weeks are even more intense.
  • Extremly high volume 4-week MesocycleAt the end of the last 4 weeks you will have a "Brazilian butt" and toned to cause envy to your friends



If for 30 days you're not loving getting sexier and healthier than ever...

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"I'm getting back the body I had in my teen years! I couldn't ask for better! -22kg eating everything, what else could I ask for?"

- Joana Santos

"I highly recommend it! I am very happy: I am more confident with myself and with more energy for me and for my children."
- Marta Aveiro

"Less kg of fat and more kg of self love and confidence!
I learned to eat so well and I know I will never go back to the weight I had. The Musculo Funcional program was so complete! These 3 months have changed me the rest of my life!"
- Ana Rodrigues

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  • TRAINING ZERO FAT (Value 30€)
  • NUTRITION ZERO FAT (Value 30€)
  • VIP COMMUNITY (Value 15€)



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I keep the programs forever?

Yes! The programs are yours forever. You will always have access to them, even after 90 days. So even if you go on vacation next week, take advantage of this discount now and start the programs when you come back from vacation!

Is it a one-time or monthly payment?

It's a one-time payment! You pay once and you get to keep the programs FOREVER.

Can I workout at home?

Yes! The program has a home training section. So even if you don't want to or can't go to a gym, you can still complete the 90-day program and build your dream body.

I'm vegan / vegetarian... can I do the program?

Of course! In this program we do not force you to eat certain foods. You make your own food choices within the goals we set for you. We have many vegan and other vegetarian customers who have been or are having astonnishing results.

This product does not replace professional medical advice. Always consult a doctor for health-related matters. This product does not guarantee results. Any reference to the performance of a strategy should not be interpreted as a guarantee of results.

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